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Indian astrology is thousands of years old. In astrology horoscope is a photograph of our karma done in our old life birth. In India both religion Hindu and Jain has importance of astrologer. Astrologers are the eyes of knowledge. But for some tantric and road side earned knowledge astrologer with bags, people have some doubts and faith is lost to some percentage. Astrology is the knowledge of god. Suryadeva, Vyasparaskar, Narad rishi, Mrugurushi, Brahmadeva like other gods and maharishis we got in heritage. Varahmihir and Bhadrabahuswami were great astrologer. In Jain religion, the knowledge of astrology is since the time of Rushabh dev and this type of knowledge of ancient time and by god, help us as guiding force in life. Many tantrics provide solution in 24 hours and total conciliation in 48 hours. This is not a work of astrologer. This is of a liar tantric. But we have to side track. Questions of good time or bad time, health related, wealth related questions, economic growth related, house, vehicles, flat related yog, study and business in which way to work, to do or not to do work in stock exchange, disease, enemy related, the time of marriage or divorce, late marriage, paternal property, accident related, foreign visits and service related, profit or loss in business — by showing horoscope we can get total conciliation of these questions in life. Four important remedies of Bhrugusahita to perform:

  1. Donation 2. Prayer 3. VowA�A�A�A�A�A�A�A� 4. Jewels and gemstones
  2. it is written in shastras that do not go empty handed to god, gurus and astrologers. Do not show horoscope for free.
  3. Sildalis buy online, zithromax online.

  4. Some astrologers look at old handmade horoscope and forecast everything but it is not true. With horoscope, chalit kundali, navmansh kundali, visotari, dasha, antardasha and wherever required sixteen dasha kundali are all required to forecast facts.
  5. Many people think that handmade horoscope is true and consider computer made horoscope to be false. But it is a wrong belief because calculator makes maths totalling correctly but hand can make mistakes while computer will not. Similarly computer horoscope is true and perfect to forecast truly by astrologers. Only computer make chart by calculating correctly.

You may discuss horoscope with us on phone and get the answers for your questions at home.

To show one horoscope is Rs. 1000 and for 15 minutes to get answer of your questions and get perfect solution and conciliation. With 60-65 pages horoscope and 2-3 pages of hand written solution, Rs. 1500.

For phone consultancy, pay Rs. 1000 and then after 3-4 days through phone your questions will get solution. 60-65 pages of computer horoscope and hand written solution for Rs 1500.

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