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Moonga is a  plant found in sea it is aqua plant. In our life Blue sapphire and Red coral[moonga]are very influenced than other gem stone. Every gem has their own miraculous influenced but wearing Moongaratna it shows its miraculous influenced instantly [immediately].Person wearing moongaratna get miraculous influenced develop in his self power coward person gets extreme power to realise courage .Moongaratna’s history is of[ olden age]thousand’s of year ago   that moongaratna is also for defence country, cities from black sight, evil spirit, black magic, any black power. It is gem of gem MARS which is for battle. Holding or wearing of Moongaratna or rosary of Moongaratna [Moonga ki mala ]gives patience, courage, enthusiasm, passion, success in business ,builder, electrical ,broker of property, mineral business ,department of police, military,  get property is not less than boon [VARDAN]. But Coral or rosary of Coral are not for everyone only wear after showing Horoscope. Aries ascendant ,Cancer ascendant, Leo ascendant, ascendant, Pisces ascendant, can wear Coral or rosary of Coral.

You can ask and get coral gem stone 100% original with Lab Certificate method formed dispensation by faith and siddh done (PROVEN).from our office.

Munga / coral

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