The most impressive Kliyug planet Rahu. Onyx is the gemstone of Rahu. Rahu in the horoscope is strong then the person money, power, all property is offered. Onyx from holding Rahu is stout. Rahu being stronger than the individual success grows, domination increases. Rajniti increases the effect.
Onyx from holding coil Fall Rahu are bad effects. Rahu zero gives the power to the surgeon. Mjdur class is very beneficial. Benefit from a factory line.

 Kalsarpa protect against such Ashubyogo.
 Melividya, Tono-Totko protects the Onyx.
 Onyx ashtadhatu in Pancdhatu or gold can be Pehna.
 Pehnna Onyx coil should be showing.
If Rahu sitting in third place  Ctte or Agiyarve Siddh Onyx is beneficial arise possession.
 whose financial condition had deteriorated arise But they were strong in the horoscope Rahu became Krodopti AC Kani Kundliya few years have come into our experience. Kali, Schnee, Rahu, Ketu planets such as the effects of sin on us is the most read. If it was strong in our horoscope makes the king, and the planet in the horoscope is weak so full of life spent in the struggle.

From here, with our 100% Original Lab Certificate of ritual Siddh gem is delivered.


In age of downfall (kalyug) Rahu is very effective grah and Gomed is gem stone of Rahu. In Horoscope if Rahu is powerful than the person gets Money, Power, Happiness, Prosperities. Wearing Gomed makes Rahu powerful and when Rahu is powerful than Success increases Domination increase Politically gets effective increase. Wearing Gomed get rid of … Continue reading “HESSONITE GARNET”
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