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Pearl is a gem stone of Chandragrah (Moon). Chandragrah makes the main effect in our life. We get Peace of mind only if our Chandragrah is strong in horoscope. If the Chandragrah is weak in horoscope then also if you have million of rupees, car, bunglow you won’t get Peace of mind. If Chandra is attached to Rahu, Ketu or Sani and doing inauspicious then Grief, Bother, Trouble Thinking to Commit Suicide and when the Chandra is in down and incorrect position then the life is also Short Children gets early death but wearing Pearl all above related inauspicious impact influence get below and least and get good effect of Chandragrah if Chandragrah is weak Foreign tour, Dairy related business, Silver related business, White colour items business get Intravires Chandra effects but wearing pearl gem stone this all business get good profit and Foreign tour also. In all type of pearls BASRAPEARLS are very good,  Other Gulf real Pearls are also good, Cassis pearls are good, South sea pearls are good. 90% PERCENT peoplewear China pearls which are cheaper than other pearls but its power are also less than other pearls. Basra and Other Gulf real pearls are very expensive Aries ascendant, Cancer ascendant, Scorpio ascendant, Pisces ascendant should wear pearlfor very good effect and result.

You can ask and get Pearl gem stone 100% Original with Lab Certificate and method formed dispensation by faith and siddh done (PROVEN) from our office.

Keshi Moti/ Keshi pearl

lab certified 100 percent original keshi moti with puja-jaap. For More information contact us or whatsapp us on +91 9228277707
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500 rs per carat Size 2.5 carat to 4 carat (Lab Certified) with puja – jaap. For More information contact us or whatsapp us on +91 9228277707
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