It is very important that before marriage, the boy and  the girl should match horoscope. For this it is necessary for the boy and  girl to give horoscope, birth date, birth time and birth place. Out of 36 qualities, how may qualities matches will decide their fate. It should be seen that both the boy and girl have marriage yog and have no dispute marriage related yog. Match making horoscope is mainly done by birth nakshatra and phase. Some astrologers make match making from the name of boy and girl which should not be done and many people don’t prefer keeping name from Raashi and by nakshatra, out of 100 not even 10 % keeps name. So it is wrong to match marriage by name. Some people for saving money go to computer shop and get print out of match making for Rs. 50 and ask whether to marry or not. Do not get married by just matching of quality values. Actually in horoscope of boy and girl, seven-eight- twelve positions, family bhav, chatur bhav, mars condition, divorce yog and other type of yogs should be seen. Also navmansh horoscope is important to see. If out of 36 qualities, 32 qualities matches than also divorce can occur if divorce yog is in horoscope. So all the yog should be seen. Some brahmins say that if qualities do not match than perform pooja and then 10 quality values will get increase but nothing like this works out. Some astrologers even give wrong advice for performing pooja but its fake. For divorce yog, kumbh vivah, ark vivah are very necessary processes. In poor abject grah (neecch garh) prayer gives some relief and peace.

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