One Faced Rudraksha Government lab certifed


Ek mukhi Rudraksha bead is evident of Shivji. It fulfils our every desire.



Ek mukhi Rudraksha bead is evident of Shivji. It fulfils our every desire. By holding or wearing ek mukhi Rudraksha, holder is defenced in various ways. It also protects from premature death. In sacred Hindu scriptures, ek mukhi Rudraksha is very excellent and has divine grace in various kind. It relieves person from many sins like killing the Brahmin and other. It increases entity. It shows the right path. If the person holding or wearing Rudraksha does not eat non-veg or drink alcohol then it will give complete benefits and good results. Our honorable former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had rosary of ek mukhi Rudraksha but she was not wearing it on the day when she suffered lethal attack. These divine beads are defence armour for holder and it increases self power, strong will, strengthens heart, courage. Ek mukhi Rudraksha and 14 mukhi Rudraksha are extinct, overwhelming, significant, dominant Rudraksha. The price of these Rudraksha are more than other mukhi Rudraksha. The holder of ek mukhi Rudraksha succumb their enemies. The goddess Laxmiji is believed to be with the holder of ek mukhi Rudraksha.

In horoscope if there is bad effects of God Sun, ek mukhi Rudraksha reduces the power of bad effects. Holding or wearing ek mukhi Rudraksha gets quick results for blood pressure and other heart diseases.



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